Through the singular aesthetics generated by the accumulation of waste, Waste rain is a series that documents and ask for thinking about the immediate post-consumerism within « modern » societies. Each photograph shows rubbishs as well as abandoned objects in the public space, different elements considered as obsolete and which now occupy the landscape for variable and indeterminated durations. Devoid of human presence, each moment captured tells a story, whether it be the consequences of unconscious gestures, acts of vandalism, accidents, or even simple states in transition. Therefore, the series Waste rain shall be considered as a melancholic observation of reality, it reveals the flaws of modern economic systems through our consumption habits.

In addition to other photographic series (work in progress), Waste rain is part of a larger panorama whose critical dimension will be more important. In the end, the whole will highlight the totality of the consumption system inherent in contemporary societies, from industrial production to distribution, before ending on destruction, recycling or even (and above all) mass accumulation and its consequences.